Resource management software created for the contact center in Tokyo and nurtured by our costomers

Sweet Series

Sweet Series is a standard for contact center operations that enables fair and effective utilization of resources such as human resources and seats in the contact center according to the business.


Ever evolving.
resource management software specialized in contact center

Sweet Series

We have been working and been exposed to various contact center operations through which customers taught us and helped us to grow.


If only there would be more smiles...

Come join us in creating a contact center full of smiles.
Sweet supports a more comfortable and happier life

Welcome to the world of Sweet Series.

Welcome to the Sweet Series.

An ever-evolving contact center management platform that is well versed in Japanese employment patterns and culture

Utilizing AI, we achieve maximum efficiency in contact center operations by harmonizing ES (Employee Satisfaction), CS (Customer Satisfaction) and MS (Management Satisfaction). Sweet Series is a perfect management platform that enables detailed adjustments with technology and design backed by the No. 1 track record of implementation. We are also accelerating our efforts to reform the way we work at the center.

Constant evolution until now and from now on.

We don't give our customers only a solution to their problems or needs. We carefully think about the reasons why they are having trouble and why those requests were made. Then we carefully think about what functions are necessary for our customers.

We don't just provide a set of superficial functions, but we also try to make each function easier to use and more pleasing to the customer.


High work volume prediction accuracy

It has several prediction engines, including a machine learning engine. Anyone can use the automatic forecasting feature to predict without understanding the complexity. In addition, there are many other forecasting options that can be adjusted manually.

Time and attendance management in accordance with the Labor Standards Act

Sweet is browser (IE) based so you can manage your time and attendance from anywhere, in accordance with the Labor Standards Act. As this product is made in Japan by a Japanese company, the work rules are realized as a matter of course in Japan.

Place people fairly and effectively

Adjust the Saturdays, Sundays, days off, consecutive holidays, breaks, etc. fairly and equitably. This allows you to effectively allocate the most appropriate work while maintaining fairness.
On a certain scale, this kind of consideration is difficult to be done manually. The fairness considerations that have been carried out vaguely in the past can now be carried out systematically and accurately.

Automatic creation of free seating chart

You can automatically create a seating chart for free seats each day. In order to maintain social distance, it is possible to sit one seat at a time or not to sit across from each other. It is also possible to place newcomers around the manager, group people together by task, and make sure that agents who don't get along are seated away from each other.

Real-time status confirmation

You can check the status of each agent's call (on call, on hold, in post-processing, etc.) in real time. You can also change the skill of an agent sitting on a specific island when it reaches its peak.
In addition, you can also check call waiting information and service levels for each business in real time.

Ever-evolving features

The Sweet Series is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers and adapt to changes in social conditions. We have evolved to be backward compatible, so you don't have to worry about losing your existing features.

A wealth of features based on many customers' requests

Most of the functions of Sweet are based on the customer's request, considering what the customers are troubled and what kind of functions they really need.
Even if you don't plan to use a feature, it may contain a lot of ideas you haven't considered before.

Integration with various contact center systems

It can be automatically linked with various switching systems and CMS. It is possible to obtain call volume information automatically from the switching system, and to link the arrival and departure time information with the time card system.
Sweet Series is made purely in Japan by our employees. We have a large number of technicians who are familiar with our products and are adept at working with external systems.

Flexibly adapted to the Japanese climate and social conditions

Unlike WFM (Workforce Management System), which is designed to cut costs by matching incoming calls with a lean workforce, the Sweet Series is focused on ES (Employee Satisfaction), managing people fairly and equitably to fit the Japanese culture and social context.

Cloud Offerings

You can use the system either in the cloud or on-premise. Please contact us to discuss the most appropriate implementation method for your situation.

Telecommuting is a requirement.
Are you ready?

With Sweet Series, you can forecast workloads, create work schedules, manage attendance, approve overtime requests, and keep track of your contact center's status in real time, all on the web. You can manage and operate your telecommuting business in the same way as you do in the office. Not long ago in Japan, natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes and fires were considered as BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures. Although we had anticipated epidemics to a certain extent, I believe there are only a few companies that had anticipated such a long-term and widespread impact on the entire world, as was the case with COVID-19. In order to prepare for periodic outbreaks of these epidemics, we believe it will be essential to have a system that allows employees to work from home.

Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?

The proper thing to do is to give the customer on the other end of the phone as much support as possible. In addition to dealing with customers, the contact center is also responsible for a variety of other tasks, such as cost effective staffing, employee skill management, and KPI management. It takes an enormous amount of time to make these adjustments manually. Let Sweet Series do the complicated and tedious work for you and spend your time on more important things.

Order made for your business

Sweet Series has over 10 years of experience in developing systems with many features that meet the needs of customers working in contact centers. At the time of installation, we will listen to the customer's current operations and propose a configuration and usage of the system to fit the customer's business.


Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Japan Excellence Awards seven times


Announcement & Events


We attended at Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference 2020 in Tokyo (21st)

The Biggest CallCanter/CRM demo event in Japan. Gathering 10,000+ CallCenter/CRM visitors. The show offering the latest solutions by 150 exhibitors and more than 120 sessions by industrial professionals.


We attended at Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference 2019 in Tokyo (20th).

This is one of the largest events in Japan for the call center and customer support industry, bringing together the latest technologies and know-how for building and managing contact centers strategically, as well as the latest examples of AI and chatting.


We attended at Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference 2018 in Tokyo (19th).

It is the largest call center and CRM industry event in the country. The theme of the 19th conference was "To be in Five Years - How to Create Strong Customer Contacts". It was a great success with a record number of visitors since the first one was held in 2000. At P&W, we have a call center that makes it easy to connect. The integrated contact center management system "Sweet Series "We have introduced what we can achieve with AI.


We attended at Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference 2017 in Tokyo (18th).

This is the largest call center and CRM industry event in Japan. The theme of the 18th edition was "To be in 5 years time - IT for Human Resources", which will change the future from the customer's perspective. P&W is pleased to announce the launch of the Sweet Series, an integrated center management system that supports the "Workplace Reform We introduced the case study of the use of AI solutions.


We attended at Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference 2016 in Tokyo (17th).

It is the largest call center and CRM industry event in the country. The theme of the 17th conference was "To be in 5 years time - How to choose now to create the future". At P&W, the center's ES (employee satisfaction), CS (customer satisfaction), and MS (management satisfaction) will be harmonized and enhanced. We have introduced the "Sweet Series" that makes the "HAPPY" cycle a reality for everyone.


We attended at Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference 2015 in Tokyo (16th).

It is the largest call center and CRM industry event in the country. The theme of the 16th edition was "to be in 5 years time - Exploring the shape of the 'strategic contact center'".
P&W is pleased to introduce a new product powered by the new PPM engine for "ROI" and a Tablet version of SweetQ.


OKI and Pioneer have agreed to collaborate in the contact center market for WFM.

CTstage 6Mi® now comes as a free bundle with a limited edition of Sweet Wfm®.