Network Solution Department
Leave networking to us.
We provide support in order to make your business operation smooth.
We will provide services throughout the process of designing the network and selecting hardware
for the system to configure the clients’ main businesses.As a multiple vender,
we will help the client realize an optimal environment at a minimum cost, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • provide network related consultation
  • System base design・building
  • System operation design・building
  • design and configure networks e.g. IP network and security network
  • design business outsourcing (help build a data center)
  • OA environment consulting, Business improvement
  • Installing H/W & S/W when devices adoption.
  • design and carry out flooring work, power supply work, laying LAN connections
(Widely handle with customer's environment such as Windows NT/2000, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux,
Lotus Domino, Exchange, Oracle, UDB,Cisco, Tivoli, JP etc.)
System Development Department
We develop systems in accordance with the clients’ needs.
We are good at developing systems especially tailored to the need of your main businesses
Instead of depending on the skill of individual technicians, we build a system to analyze the current situation,
manage development processes systematically, realize cost reduction through making the development program in patterns,
develop large scale systems by dividing processes, and improve maintenance efficiency by putting the specification in writing.
Experienced service engineers are available to respond to your request.

1. We are capable of handling a wide variety of systems from multi-purpose large scale systems to client server systems.
2. We can also configure web systems from intra-company network portal sites
   to internet web sites directly connected to the business.
  • Requirement definition, Grand design, System development (JAVA, JSP, Perl, PHP, Ruby, COBOL, C, VB etc.)
  • Web site design & building (Weblogic, Tomcat, Jboss, Apache, Websphere, JRun etc.)
  • DB design & building (ORACLE, MySQL, DB2, SQL Server2000 etc.)
  • Network operation monitoring and Servers.
System Management Department
Our technician will be stationed at your site in order to give support to operate your system
Solutions in conformity with the clients’ needs, from dispatching our technicians to outsourcing system management, can be provided.
  • monitor network and various server operations
  • monitor groupware and database operations
  • provide user support (Technical support can be provided also in English)
(We are capable of handling a wide range of clients’ environment such as various kinds of OS,
which includes Windows NT/2000, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, etc.; groupware,
which includes Lotus Domino, Exchange, etc.; database, which includes Oracle, UDB, etc.; network equipment,
which includes CISCO, etc.; and operations which use monitoring tools such as Tivoli, and JP1.)