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3.Temporary interruption of dissemination of this site
Our company might temporarily interrupt the offer of this site without notifying beforehand when judged that maintenance, a trouble, a fire, a power failure of the system, a natural disaster such as earthquakes, and a temporary interruption of the dissemination of other this site in the technology are necessary. It doesn't assume the responsibility about the damage caused by this interruption at all.
4.Change this site
Please acknowledge that our company might change content and address (URL) on this site without notifying beforehand. Moreover, please acknowledge that the explanation of the product will contain the function of not the one that it explains the function accurately but the development schedule, and change the content without a previous notice beforehand.
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6.Exemption matters
Our company will not do any guarantee of information, program, serve on this site various of providing and, additionally the completeness, accuracy, and utility, etc. of all the matters concerning the Web site. Moreover, our company doesn't assume any responsibility of all damage such as the troubles and other accidents that it causes on software and hardware originating in the use of this site among between the accident and the user or the users and third parties. The explanation of the product contains the function of not the one that it explains the function accurately but the development schedule, and assumes neither any guarantee nor the responsibility.
7.About protection of individual information
Our company esteems individual information offered from the customer, and is trying in customer's privacy protection. Please see "Protection of individual information" in detail.
8.Governing Law
All the matters including the dispute concerning this site will assume law of Japan to be a governing law and make Tokyo District Court in a Japanese country an exclusive jurisdiction court.