Product List Sweet Series is the Total Management System which provides the useful functions for contact center operation such as shift creation, groupware, management by objectives and seat management etc.

Seat Arrangement

Possible to arrange seating and confirm the contact status such as inbound, logout and hold with seat layout. (Option: Monitoring, Help Display and Reason code display (After login, Display release)

Quality Management

Collect statistics data from infrastructure system(PBX,CTI,CRM..) in order to check the quality of communicators and achieve the total communicator's evaluation from result of monitoring, productivity and training including supporting level-up and follow-up.


Consultant Tool for BI report and communicator recruitment by simulating the future recruitment plan and create BI report.

Information Sharing

Send and received messages by real-time and Action status of members are self-explanatorily. Possible to understand the help requests from communicators to SV, and support speedy by using third party call.

Skill advancement

Easy to create the exam by web from Excel. Give the web exam and possible to confirm the advancement of operator's quality.

Dynamic Management

Sweet Series has been evolving to the solution realizing real-time management based on the concept of "Dynamic Management".