Policy regarding Personal Information
Personal Information is collected by for distribution of our mail newsletter, applications to attend events such as seminars or training, registration of products for the purpose of support etc. This information is collected for the purpose of doing business, and will only be collected to the extent necessary in relation to the achievement of this purpose. Further, we shall collect such information in a lawful and fair manner.
Disclosure of Personal Information
Regarding with personal information collection, we determine the purpose of collecting definitely and use it to achieve its purpose as necessary within range of subscription-based E-mail news letter in, application for seminar or event, registration after product purchasing. In addition, we shall collect personal information by legitimate and fair means. and support service.
Disclosure of Personal Information will not disclose personal information to any third party other than its managing company P&W Solutions without the express consent of the individual. Further, except in the case of unavoidable legal compulsion, we will not disclose any personal information to any other third party. * Note, in the following cases, personal information may be disclosed. Where an individual takes some action which is disadvantageous to a third party, P&W Solutions Co., Ltd. reserves the right to disclose personal information to the said third party, or to the police or relevant regulatory body. Such information may include information received from the individual, including ID information, Registered Profile, IP Address, Access History, etc. Further, where there is a request from a court of law, the Public Prosecutor's office, the Police, The Bar Association, A Consumer Center, or some organization with similar authority, P&W Solutions Co., Ltd. will, subsequent to this request, disclose profile information obtained from the said individual as registered under their ID. Also, P&W Solutions Co., Ltd. may disclose such information in order to protect the rights and properties of P&W Solutions Co., Ltd. may, for the purpose of broadcast, publishing, television or magazines, or in the course of explaining our company's services to some third party, or for some other lawful purpose, disclose consolidated personal data (for example, 48% of users are female).
Personal Information Administrator
The administrator of our personal information is P&W Solutions Co., Ltd. Where there is any change to this arrangement, such changes will be made clear.
Security of Personal Information makes every effort to ensure the security of personal information. In order to insure against the unnecessary use, diversion, or disclosure of personal information, we employ several security technologies and processes. For example, transmission of data over the internet is carried out using encoding technology such as the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.
A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the customer's computer hard disk for purposes related to registration to the website. By utilizing cookies, it is possible to keep track of customer preferences, thus making use of the web site more profitable. Cookies have become a world-wide standard, and many companies utilize cookie technology for the benefit of their customers. Cookies are tied in to the computer being used by the customer, but this cannot be used to determine the whereabouts of the user at any time. may use cookies under the following circumstances. Cookies may be used in order to offer customization services which make the web site usage more convenient for the user. This cookie is set when the user enters a page that has been customized, or when they log in to the system. These cookies may be used to measure site access numbers.
Personal Information Administrator's personal information
administrator is P&W Solutions Co., Ltd.
President and Managing Director Omiya Toshiyuki