P&W Solutions___ Services Introducing our services at P&W Solutions, ranging from simple Web management systems to network construction.
System Development Services
With an eye to "the growth of the customer's business,"
our very experienced Business SE will give form to our customer's needs.

Systems are an important tool for supporting the customers business, sometimes as a weapon
and sometimes as a protection. In order to produce a system with which our customers will be
truly pleased, we begin with a detailed operating analysis.
By conducting this operating analysis, we often find that our customers also learn of true needs
that they had not previously realized.

  • System Machinery Vendor Sales Management System Development

    The building of large scale Sales Management Systems using Java. In the building of such large scale systems,
    our company makes use of its particular skills in the area of systematic development, process separation,
    and program patterning, which help to realize the maximum possible cost reductions.

  • Salary Statement Distribution System Development

    Development of salary statement systems, in combination with accounting systems.
    By converting salary statements to PDF files, and sending them by email, large costs can be reduced and a
    paperless system can be realized. Security is also fully considered, with salary statements being enciphered.

  • Development, customizing, and sales of its own package software "Sweet Series"

    In CRM market, we are providing total management software "Sweet Series". From this software, we offer
    practical solution within field view based on experience of contact center support and operation.

System Management Services
Information Systems are said to be an important management resource
in supporting our customer's business.
We achieve stable systems that make sure that "business never stops",
with a motto of "safety, stability, and peace of mind".

Today multi-vendor composition is a natural part of business. In order to bring systems
that were set up and constructed in a haphazard way to a coherent, manageable level,
system design, construction, and employment must be unified. We have confidence in our
ability to improve system employment, especially regarding the shift to a data center.

  • Information System Employment Outsourcing for Major Industrial Distribution Companies

    In order to reduce costs, customers that were previously employing their information systems in-house,
    may move the complete system to our partner IDC. In doing so, we don't just shift the existing environment
    as is, but re-design the system with an eye to combining the standard menu of IDC with the particular needs
    of the customer to maintain a balance of high convenience and low cost. Regularization of system employment
    and reduction of costs are both realized.

  • Design of Open Web Sites for Major Insurance Companies

    Design for moving and employing major insurance company systems to open web servers, and arrangement to
    a data center.By building the system using employment management software, great cost reductions can be realized.

Network Solution Services
Building and setting up optimal networks, concentrating our skills
in WAN, LAN, VoIP, and security to meet the needs of our customer's
business strategies. As a multi-vendor, multi-carrier, we offer an optimal
environment "for the customer".

Utilizing a great deal of experience in large scale network design in financial and corporate
areas, we build and design networks to meet the needs of our customers. As a multi-vendor,
multi-carrier specialist, we offer a complete network system to meet our customer's needs
which realizes the balance between low cost, high quality, and stability, and includes security
systems and user management systems.

  • Complete Shift of Existing Messaging Systems for Major Distribution Companies (Down Sizing)

    Analysis of the existing system on the basis of outsourcing system employment to IDC. Messaging systems
    using groupware were found to be operating over-spec, and proposals were made to shift to the standard
    mail environment of IDC. As a result, large cost savings were made in the licensing fees for the groupware,
    and in the costs of individual usage.

  • Network Consolidation for Major Distribution Company

    With the shift to IDC, a reappraisal was made of the network connecting 300 domestic points and 15 overseas
    points. With sufficient preparation and a strict schedule for moving the system, the influence on users was
    kept to a bare minimum.

  • Open Web Site Design for Major Insurance Company

    Took the lead in the design of the server and network systems for a major Insurance Company's move to
    an open web server environment. The server that was built experiences a great deal of access today.