1.On-the-job approach
The work entrusted to us from the clients are not considered to be mere contract jobs.
Our staff will be stationed at the clients' sites so as to understand the clients' problems from the view point of the client.
Our pleasure lies in planning together with the clients how to tackle the problems then provide solutions for them.
2.Visible services
Clients often say that although ongoing monitoring of the system seems invisible,
the cost is considerable.To the contrary, we make our services visible
Speediness is what it counts when it comes to improvements and stabilization of system operations.
The cost is incurred by the clients in increments till the work is complete. We will analyze the current situation, plan,
and carry out solutions in a speedy manner.
When doning those tasks, our technicians in charge of the client are not the only ones involved;
all the knowhow, experience, and network we have aquired are employed.
4.Strong organization
Not only the staff stationed at your site but also the whole company gets involved and takes part in the problem solving processes
to provide solutions in a speedy and accurate manner.
Futhermore, each of staff member gets broader knowledge on the days they report to our office
by attending study meetings and exchanging methodologies.
Technicians are given training designed especially for our staff for qualification purposes to be an immediate assistance to the clients.
Our training program includes Curriculums such as document generation or trouble prevention
using actual equipment which is hard to do at the clients' site.
We recognize that customer satisfaction is essential.
We ask our clients to fill out the questionnaire regarding customer satisfaction twice a year.
The evaluation given by the clients will be used to better our performance.
7.Trial Period
For new clients, or contracts at a new work site, we provide either a three-month or six-month trial period.
During the period, we work out with the client and suggest the type of system
and the kind or the quality of services which best fit the clients.